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Paul Eckstein, DMD - Best Selling Dental Author

Dentists. Who are they? Where did they come from?! It’s likely you’ve never given a second thought to these questions. Yet understanding who they are and just why they chose to become dentists may give you a deeper appreciation for your dentist the next time you visit.

I was struck by what Edwin Land (founder of Polaroid) said about Steve Jobs. Jobs was “at the intersection of humanities and science.” In Jobs’ biography, Walter Isaacson reports that in reference to Land’s comment, Jobs remarked, “I like that intersection.

There’s something magical about that place.” Hearing
this brought me four decades back into my past, when as a young teenager I’d made up my mind… I was destined to be a dentist. We share Job’s passion for that intersection of humanities and science.

What inner burning desires drive dentists’ lifelong pursuit of the art and science of dental medicine? My window into the mind of dentists goes beyond my personal experience as a practitioner.

As a national provider of post-doctoral continuing dental education I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of dentists from all over the world. The majority of dentists share a number of common traits.

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