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Top Questions to ask a Dentist in Seminole

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

When it comes to taking care of teeth, the questions are endless, but there are answers. Before deciding on if a procedure is suitable, patients should consider the following information:


1.    What are the leading symptoms sleep apnea dentists in Seminole see?


It’s essential first to understand that this type of slumber disorder, where breathing while sleeping stops and starts at random, is very prevalent, with over 22 million Americans identifying with the same kinds of symptoms. Other key symptoms include feeling tired after a good night’s rest, and snoring loudly and sharply is another critical indicator.


When the body must manage interrupted breathing during rest, it can have adverse effects on a patient’s health, including:

      Heart attack




      Memory impairment




What causes it?

A blocked airway during rest has been narrowed down to several factors.

      Physical Characteristics: from the circumference of a patient’s neck to the size of their airway, the size and placing of tonsils, tongue, and all kinds of other tissues at the very back of the throat can also contribute to these types of disorders.

      Underdeveloped upper and lower jaws is an underlying cause.  You might notice this in the form of crooked teeth.

      Obesity: as one of the top causes of breathing problems, being obese leads to narrowing the airway.

      Family History: the more close relatives a patient has with OSA, the more likely they will have a disorder.

      History of Smoking: whether a patient was still actively smoking or quit years ago, the long-term effects of cigarette smoke are another leading indicator of having issues.


What are the solutions?


Abnormal breathing during rest can be treated with several strategies, including mouth devices, CPAP machines, mandibular advancement devices (MAD),  and tongue retaining devices, and the list doesn’t end there. Speak to a dentist in Seminole for more information.


2.    What do patients interested in Invisalign in Seminole need to know?

In addition to giving patients confidence as they’d never had before, there are some notable benefits to this treatment, including:

      Decreased probability of patient needing restorative dental work later on in life. If teeth are correctly aligned within the mouth, there is less wear on the teeth and a marked decrease in tooth fractures.

      The ability to clean teeth more effectively, with an emphasis on increased plaque control and accessibility for the oral care team.

      Better occlusion and bite, which lessens probability of TMJ and traumatic occlusion.


But, how does this work?  It employs clear plastic liners that fit directly over a patient’s teeth and slowly and systematically guide their teeth into the ideal position. A patient’s liners will change consistently throughout treatment, and every two weeks or so, teeth will start to shift in tiny increments. Checkups are usually every six weeks, and treatment times for patients from the ages of 18-30 vary from 9-15 months.


Potential Challenges

While the prospect of straight teeth without the stress and suffering of traditional braces is   exciting,  there are issues for patients to consider:

      There is a high cost attached to any tooth straightening systems and, thanks to the amount of technology involved, this can be one of the more expensive.

      High maintenance: constantly changing the inserts to increase the movement of teeth means lots of trips to the clinic.

      Treatments like this can be painful, even if the teeth are being shifted minimally.

      Straightening teeth requires a large level of commitment, and failing to follow through on wearing the trays for 22 hours a day and attending all appointments can defeat the purpose of whole treatment.


3.    What makes a person a candidate for cosmetic dentistry in Seminole?

Curiosity is always a good indicator. Patients tend to have a strong sense of whether or not it’s time to consider cosmetic dentistry in Seminole. There are countless reasons patients are interested in aesthetically driven dental treatments, including addressing chipped and broken teeth, large spaces between teeth, discolored or stained teeth, and if their teeth are misshapen or extensively crooked. 


Veneers in Seminole

      They’re an ideal option because a small amount of the tooth’s structure is augmented, and it’s the perfect way to get a natural result with very little discomfort.

      Though they vary, they are often thin; almost shell-looking covers with the same texture and weight as teeth.

      They are then attached to original teeth to improve their appearance. Typically, they’re produced from porcelain and sometimes are made of resin composite materials.

      The process of is much like a procedure for resin bonding, where veneers in Seminole are attached to your tooth structure that already exists.

      Appointments include etching patients’ teeth using a very mild solution of acid. Bonding, which is the same color as the teeth, is then applied, ensuring teeth look seamlessly natural.

      They can last up to 15 years, but depending on the patient, the materials used, and proper care and maintenance, they can last even longer!


While veneers in Seminole are an exciting and effective way to change the appearance of a patient’s smile, it’s essential to consider some of the issues that patients can face.


Potential Challenges

      They can look artificial if they’re not correctly shaped and styled, within reason, to suit the patient’s smile.

      They are fragile, and can easily break if not maintained properly and diligently.

      They can be quite costly.

      They are permanent.


No matter the issues patients have with their teeth, through education, diligence, and commitment, a healthy and gorgeous smile is possible!


















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